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Yaks are ideally suited for Alaska and are an economical alternative to raising cattle. They convert feed more efficiently and thus consume less to produce the same. They are easy keepers and are multi purpose animals. Yaks can be used for meat, fiber, pack animals and for riding.

Our herd consists of Royals, Imperials, Blacks and Trims. The Ranch has a store which offers yak products and items including USDA inspected meat, yarn and fiber, clothing, books and many more unique yak items. We also have  breeding stock for sale.

We welcome visitors to the ranch and offer ranch tours Monday thru Friday

9am and 7pm during the months of May–September.

Tours/Visits can be arranged by appointment during the off season.



  1. Do you have sweaters, hats, scarts for sale

  2. Hi there, just had to stop by and say I love your photos of this place! I was reeicrahsng a little on it to see if the hubby and I should check it out next weekend and I think we definitely will Looking forward to bringing my camera! Your shots (and blog as well) are lovely

  3. I am glad to see God has prospered your business, all of your hard work looks top notch! (As I would expect). Bless you all. The Osbornes’

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