The Ranch Store

20140619_202048The small Ranch Store houses lots of very unique items made from yaks. We have ebooks and moreverything from USDA inspected yak meat to clothing; from hand knitted items to books and jewelry; from yak hides and skulls to our Farm Fresh Eggs!

Our new ranch t-shirts and hoodies are also available in the Ranch Store.

We carry quality clothing brands like Eileen Fisher, Vince and specialty yak clothing from Khunu and Kora.

We have several children’s books about yaks in stock and will soon be offering our own children’s book which tells the story of our yak Chisum and how he came to Alaska.

photo1While most of the items in the Ranch Store will soon be available for purchase through our website, our yak meat due to special delivery options and charges is a special order item and if you’d like to order you will still need to contact us directly at alaskayaks AT gmail DOT com or by phone at 907-822-3410. As always it is available at the Ranch Store.



  1. Are you still in business? You have not references for 2016 on your products or breeding.

    • Judy,
      We are in business. The ranch shop opens each year in May and is open every day from 9am–7pm. Yak calves are being born as I write this. We have a limited number of yearlings and older animals for sale. We no longer sell yak calves, except to individuals or farms who are already raising yaks.

  2. Where are you located in Alaska?

    • We are approximately 230 miles north & east of Anchorage; 300 miles south of Fairbanks; 48 miles south of Glennallen; 65 miles north of Valdez. We are located at mile 14.9 Edgerton Highway which is 18 miles before Chitina.

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