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Yaks are ideally suited for Alaska and are an economical alternative to raising cattle. They convert feed more efficiently and thus consume less to produce the same. They are easy keepers and are multi purpose animals. Yaks can be used for meat, fiber, pack animals and for riding.

Our herd consists of Royals, Imperials, Blacks and Trims. The Ranch has a store which offers yak products and items including USDA inspected meat, yarn and fiber, clothing, books and many more unique yak items. We also have  breeding stock for sale.

We welcome visitors to the ranch and offer ranch tours Monday thru Friday

 9am to 7pm during the months of May–September.

Tours/Visits can be arranged by appointment during the off season.



  1. Do you have sweaters, hats, scarts for sale

  2. Hi there, just had to stop by and say I love your photos of this place! I was reeicrahsng a little on it to see if the hubby and I should check it out next weekend and I think we definitely will Looking forward to bringing my camera! Your shots (and blog as well) are lovely

  3. I am glad to see God has prospered your business, all of your hard work looks top notch! (As I would expect). Bless you all. The Osbornes’

  4. Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I appreciated the assistance of your son Jared and his friend Sean when our car broke down between Fort Collins and Laramie yesterday. You raised a wonderful, generous, helpful young man. We learned so much from Jared while we were waiting for a tow. The next time we get to Alaska (hopefully late summer of 2017) we will definitely visit your ranch. I can’t wait to learn more about yaks. Thank your family so much. Claire Murphy and Dave McCoy

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad Jared was there to help. We are truly blessed by him and love him to pieces. Please, if you do find yourself in Alaska, look us up!!

  5. Hi we will be visiting Alaska late May-early June and would love to visit. Can we pet the yaks?

    • Hi Cari,
      We would love to have you visit.

  6. Can you give directions on how to get to your ranch please

    • Sure!
      If you are coming from Anchorage, Fairbanks or Tok you head south on the Richardson Highway (maps may list it as Hwy 4–though almost all Alaskans will not know the highway number, just the name😉 Travel 31 miles south on the Richardson Hwy from the town of Glennallen. There will be a paved highway turning left/east heading to the towns of Chitina and McCarthy. Take that turn/highway (Edgerton Highway or Hwy 10) and travel 14.9 miles. We are on the right side of the road; look for yaks, open fields, and our entry signs/gate with the big “Circle F Ranch” sign.
      And…if you are coming from Valdez, Alaska…travel north to mile 83 and turn right on the Edgerton Highway…same directions from then on.
      From the Copper River Princess Lodge in Copper Center you would take the Richardson Highway south 18 miles then do the Edgerton Highway turn. Look for the the Chitina and McCarthy signs; Wrangell St. Elais National Park & Preserve signs; Kenny Lake….
      Be prepared once you make the turn onto the Edgerton Hwy for spectacular views of the Wrangell Mts!
      We are open from 9am to 7pm seven days a week during the summer (and for us that includes late May!). We do have yaks to pet!

  7. Hi Cari, I am travelling over from the UK and will be close to your Ranch sometime on the 26th May. I’ll be making my way from Delta Junction and would love to get some photos of the Yaks. I’m sorry but I can’t give you a time but do you think it would be possible to stop by on the off chance we could get some snaps of the marvellous animals? I don’t mind taking the photos from the side of the road but I didn’t want to be rude and not ask first.

    • Just stopping by is perfectly acceptable. We have about 17 babies so far and should have quite a few more by then. Feel free to stop in for pictures!

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