Yaks For Sale

We have a limited number of  yaks for sale each year.

It’s still early in the year and we have not finalized our 2016  sales list yet. Contact us for more information.

Our 2016 Calves are arriving! Our first calves of the year arrived on April 7th.

Starter Herds

We can put together a starter herd based on your needs/desires.  Please phone or email for more information.


  1. i am interested in maybe yak farming when my husband and i retire in s few years but i cant seem to find any contact info on your page please contact me info on yak farming is hard to come by thank you

  2. We are interested in getting a breeding pair . Prefer to start with young ones (:
    What do you have available ?
    Thanks so much

  3. Hello – We’re in Vermont and are looking for a couple of bottle babies (younf females) for pack animals and pets. Can you help? Alaska is probably too far away?? Thank you, Carol

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