Posted by: alaskayaks | March 25, 2012

2012 Calving Season is Upon Us!

Wow! It’s been a year. Yak-keeping keeps me too busy sometimes to keep up with my “yakking” here on the blog. It has been a pretty uneventful year here at Alaska Yaks. The regular ups and downs. Haying season came and went with a good return. We bought a large amount of hay from Scott Plagerman Farms at Delta Junction. Winter is nearing its end (well, officially it IS spring) and we have lots and lots of snow, like most places in Alaska this year!

We started something new last summer that needs updating.

We donated our first yak calf to a worthy 4H’er in August 2011. Laurel lives on the Kenai Peninsula and sent an email to IYAK asking about yaks and they put us in touch with us. We decided after corresponding with her a bit that we would make the offer of the yak calf for her 4-H project. Her only requirements were an essay detailing why she wanted a yak and how she would care for it and her plans for 4H. If she was chosen to receive the yak then she’d be required to send us semi monthly updates on how the yak was doing and what she was doing with her. She fulfilled the essay part with flying colors and we made arrangements to drive the yak (Yolanda) to Palmer to meet Laurel and her family. What a wonderful experience for us to help a young 4H’er get started with large livestock and especially with something as great as yaks.

We’ll be chronicling Laurels achievements with Yolanda and 4H so stay tuned.

…now back to this year’s calvings….

….we are up to seven with our newest one born last night to Weasel. A pretty little heifer calf, all black with a gray nose! Pictures to follow.


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