Posted by: alaskayaks | April 9, 2011

Welcome Briony! Our Newest Baby Yak

Circle F Ranch welcomes Briony! Our newest yak calf, born on March 27th to one of our yak heifers, Jenny M.

Jenny’s a first time mom and as is sometimes the case, she wasn’t quite prepared for motherhood. I ended up having to spirit her newborn away as Jenny just didn’t really know what was required of her (other than standing there and admiring her new calf) and the temperature was a chilly twenty degrees¬†Fahrenheit.

It took a couple of days to get this little gal on her feet and by then, since mom hadn’t cleaned her off at all and there was no bonding, she was destined to be bottle raised. So at this point she know ME as her mom and she’ll be up for sale as a “bottle baby.”



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