Posted by: alaskayaks | March 2, 2011

Drifter update….

I’ve enjoyed spending the past two days entertaining little Drifter in the house…there is NOTHING LIKE A BABY YAK!  (well most of the time–mopping up puddles of pee is getting a little tiring)

Today we took several short walks outside (+5F and the wind is blowing still) and he really enjoyed himself. Tomorrow we’ll do more and finish his little “porch pen” so we can move him out of the house and into his “natural” environment.

I checked and double checked my calving schedule and feel it’s safe to travel, so on Friday I’ll travel to the Mat Valley for an overnighter to see my newborn  twin grandsons. Drifter will go along, too. Big sister, Lorna will really have a blast seeing him!  Travelling baby yaks are sure crowd drawers and he should be more-so due to the fact that he’s a Royal. The socialization is really good for him and since our plans are for him to be one of our ranch “spokes-yaks” this is a good training run for him!

Look out world!  Here comes Drifter!!!!


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