Yak fiber is soft and luxurious. It is close to Qiviut (musk ox down) and compares in softness and warmth to Cashmere. Yak fiber is not slippery and can be easily spun. The micron count of yak is 15-22. It has a short staple 1 1/2" - 2" with an irregular crimp. It is wonderful for woven and knitted garments.
Yak is a great fiber to felt.

The coat of a yak consists of an outer guard hair and a fine inner hair called down. The down provides insulation against the cold winter months.

The calves coat is much thicker than the adults. The denseness of the down decreases with age. The average yak produces a relatively small amount of fiber, perhaps a pound or so per year.

The harvesting of yak down is labor intensive. Our fiber is not sheared but instead we comb it out by hand from each individual animal.

We sell the raw fiber as it comes off the yak, unwashed and some guard hair included.


Raw Yak Fiber: $5.00 per ounce

Check with us for availability.

The course outer hair can be used for making belts, ropes, bags, rugs and tents. The tail hair is used for crafts and for tying flies.



Here is a link to All Fiber Arts which has tons of info on spinning, weaving, etc...


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